Missed yesterday–thank goodness my first draw wasn’t Resolution

Overall I think I did okay on Silence. I am trying to avoid any non-imperative corrections/criticism of my kids and gossiping. I slipped up twice by correcting my son over silly things that really didn’t matter. I think it’s a legacy of when they were small and you were constantly teaching them about the world. He often enjoys pontificating on subjects he doesn’t know much about and he takes it very hard if I point out any flaws in his monologue du jour. If he was a less sensitive kid then I wouldn’t feel the need to be so careful around this area. I also slipped up by gossiping today. Whoops! I’m not a big gossiper, but I do love filling my husband in on the latest antics of the youtubers I watch and I have a hard time not passing on extended family gossip, especially if it’s juicy. Ayiyi. I’m finding myself wondering if I can just store up the gossip and let it all out next month, but that’s not in the spirit of this. Silence is no fun!

In other news–I haven’t actually read the book (Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography) in two or three years and I had forgotten that I am supposed to change my focus every week, not every month. I’m still mulling over whether I want to make the switch to weekly instead of monthly and I have until Thursday to decide. Making decisions is NOT one of my strong suits. Hopefully that will get addressed somewhere along the way.

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