What a week!

You’ll have to forgive my absence for the last few days but our country suffered an insurrection on Wednesday. Our. Country. Suffered. An. INSURRECTION. During my lifetime! On a Wednesday! What the ever-loving ef?

2020 was one of the most stressful years of my life–top ten for sure–but there was no magic in the calendar moving on to 2021 and things remain chaotic, stressful, and depressing. Vaccines are finally being rolled out for COVID, but it is taking too long to actually get them to the people who need them. My father who lives in an Assisted Living facility was supposed to get his first dose in mid-December, but he just received it yesterday. Two of the three available vaccines require two doses given at least three weeks apart. Two weeks after the second dose is administered you are finally at full immunity. That seems like forever with him in the precarious position that he is in. Many, many, seniors have died since the pandemic began with long term care facilities being the hardest hit.

Meanwhile our current president has gone off his nut and his constant rhetoric about the election having been stolen from him has led armed supporters of his to march to the capital in DC, fight with capitol police, break in, and generally desecrate the space. I spotted several white supremacist flags during the live coverage and more have been brought to light since then. Arrests are finally being made. Politicians are finally distancing themselves from Trump. Our brave congressmen and women returned to the capital by 8pm and finished certifying the electoral votes. I was very proud and amazed at their courage when they had feared for their lives only hours before. Five people died as a result of this event. A second set of articles of impeachment are ready for Monday. What a bizarre period to live through. I always accepted that America could not remain a super power forever, but it never occurred to me that I might be alive to watch our democracy fall apart. I sincerely hope we can turn this around.

I did go ahead and draw my new weekly virtue. It was Moderation which I feared meant starting a diet, but that is actually covered under Temperance. Moderation refers to not doing things to extremes and in his own case Franklin was attempting to temper his confrontational speaking style by adding qualifiers to his statements. I, myself, tend to be timid so this will be a pretty easy week in that regard. I will try to have more balance in my daily activities with less time watching YouTube instead. The algorithm’s got it’s claws in me!

Week one wrap up (Silence): I did well. After the first couple of days I didn’t slip up with my kids again. I did catch myself correcting my son today, but I dialed it back and hey, technically it’s a new week now so gimme a break.

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