Week 3’s Virtue Is…

…Justice. Very timely. This previous year, more than any other in my life, our society (in the US) has been focused on racial justice. Please note I was born after the 1960s. The deaths of black Americans at the hands of the police is something white Americans have ignored or downplayed for far too long. This issue hits close to home since my daughter is African American and I fear for her safety as she continues to grow up in a racially biased world. When I heard what had happened to George Floyd my first reaction was to feel panic for my daughter. We had always told her to obey the police, and not run or resist arrest, even if the cops were completely in the wrong, in order to maintain her safety, but here was a man who was complying and was still killed by the arresting officers. In public. While being filmed! So, if she runs they may kill her. If she stays they may kill her. How in the world do you parent your way around that one?

I think for this week I will pick a different charity or organization promoting racial justice and learn more about what they do and make a donation to each.

Wrapping up last week: How did I do on moderation and in particular my desire to watch less YouTube? Not great. We are cord cutters so watching network news programs via their YouTube channels is typically how I consume my news although I do also read some articles in our city’s newspaper. My dentist told me recently that she had read that our desire for news during a crisis becomes insatiable because our brain is going over and over the situation trying to solve a problem that is completely out of our control. Apparently my ability to stay away from YouTube is also completely out of my control. =P I spent countless hours watching videos of the Capitol riot and commentary of the same. I finally realized that it didn’t matter how many news stories I watched or read, I still wasn’t going to know what was going to happen next. I’ve lost a lot of sleep since last Wednesday and I remain very concerned for the peaceful transition of power we are hoping for this Wednesday. Only two more days until we ALL find out what happens next.

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