Long Time No Blog

Ayiyi. It’s been a wild ride in the USA lately, but it’s kinda slowing down, except it’s not, because we’re about to have an impeachment trial. I’m doing my best to hang in there and keep with this project and trust that I’ll get better about blogging and keeping it top of mind as I go along.

How did I do on week three: Justice? I accomplished my goal of learning more and donating to five organizations that promote social justice. Here are links if you’d like to learn more or contribute yourself:

ACLU of Washington | (aclu-wa.org)

http://www.kingcountyequitynow.com Focusing on Black Advocacy, Black Policy, and Black Research in King County

Lavender Rights Project Specifically the WA Black Trans Task Force which addresses the crisis of violence against Black Trans people.

The Seattle Clemency Project Provides free legal services for refugees and for prisoners who are seeking clemency

Home – Friends of Youth This last one is a recommendation from our church’s social justice committee. They work with homeless youth and youth in foster care in King County.

I’m already deep into week four. I forgot to draw a new virtue and by default it has become Temperance. Why? Because I started my dreaded diet. Ugh. Hasn’t the last 12 months brought me enough angst without torturing myself, too. So far I would say that I’m doing fair to middling. I am counting my calories faithfully, but going over slightly every day. I think my personal goal is to attempt to continue to incorporate the previous virtues into my daily life while focusing mainly on that weeks virtue. I’ve decided that if I am able to complete this year with Benny’s virtue list I will create my own next year. I find that there are pressing things I’d like to work on in my own personality and actions that aren’t covered while at the same time some of his virtues aren’t areas where I particularly struggle.

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