And then it was July

I’ve realized that if I’m ever going to do this I need to make it easier on myself, soooo, monthly virtue changes. I’m not sure who that girl was that thought weekly was a good idea, but she was an idiot!

For July I have rolled a virtual 13 sided die and rolled a four so July’s virtue will be Resolution. That works. I resolve to blog more <pauses for reader laughter to die down>. Just kidding! I have started a new diet since I don’t seem to have it together enough to count a million calories and fat grams myself, so I resolve to stick to it this month. It’s one I used ten years, ago and lost 30 pounds on in four months, before adopting my daughter who was two at the time, and who had been food insecure leading up to being ours. She needed to eat about half of whatever I was eating to feel supported. Nutrisystem (not sponsored) doesn’t work that way, although now they have some kind of couples plan, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they meant by that–one frazzled adult and one tiny human vacuum cleaner.

Someone maaayyy have challenged Adam from Man vs. Food to try to take on my two year old in an eating contest via twitter that year. She’s twelve now, almost 13, and still loves to eat. In fact she has already asked me to give her one of the nutrisystem snacks I was eating and it’s only week one. =D

I also resolve to continue writing to the sentient coconut that I like to tweet at co-cassionally (you see what I did there?), watch youtube, and play my dumb video games. There you have it. Resolutions: sorted!

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